2019 -2020 Welcome Form nycbeekeeping.org
Welcome. Please help us respond to you by filling out the form below to us know how you would like to participate.

We are accepting applications for 2020 and have slots for a few fall volunteers.

Looking for certified NYC-grown honey or holiday giving this year? Please indicate that in your response and we will contact you. Donor gifts and personalized honor cards are available.

**IMPORTANT: If you represent a school or garden, are seeking an apprenticeship, or are applying for funding/grants from any other source, we ask that you consult with us about that process now.**

For any of our programs, you may email a letter of intent and resume/CV to jumpstart the application process to nycbeekeeping.net@gmail.com, or request more information here.

Funding & Cost-- Our admission process remains need-blind, but we rely on the support of students, friends and organizational donors to keep our programs sustainable for a second decade. We can partner with agencies or other NGOs on government grants, and can accept corporate and individual contributions (tax deductible within the legal limits).

2020 Training Opportunities -- Full-season, hands-on learning pathways for beekeeping (February to November), delivered by a team of experienced professional beekeepers and serious hobbyists.

-- The Saturday Series: A thorough classroom & hands-on course for motivated people who commit for the season. No experience necessary for first year students. A certificate for the first year, and an apprenticeship opportunity in the second year, are offered for those who meet all requirements. The Saturday Series meets for 12 sessions, February through November, plus some ad hoc or weather dates.

-- Field Studies Fellowship: Set up individually for those who commit to certain weekdays. This can be structured as an apprenticeship, or as an internship for high school, interim year, and college/grad students. If you are funded for an apprenticeship or service project, we offer very generous programs and invite you to explore bringing that support to us.

-- Advancing Group: Beekeeping is harder than it looks. A number of beekeepers have found their way here to join us in deepening their knowledge and mutual aid. This group is open to committed supporters of our organizational goals and mission who have done some beekeeping before.

-- Teachers: We offer specialized individual consulting and training to establish or enhance ongoing programs at schools and in community gardens citywide. Please contact us about substantive STEM with hands-on activities. If you are trying to launch a beekeeping program or applying for grants from any source, please consult us now.

Corporate special events and speakers are available. We welcome corporate contributions.

For those who want just a little taste or who want to explore whether beekeeping is for you, please watch for Newcomer Events scheduled periodically, and consider supporting our work with your talents.

We hope to welcome you in 2020 if not sooner !

We appreciate your cooperation and patience, and welcome your feedback and comments.
Other questions or concerns? Please email the Organizer at nycbeekeeping.net@gmail.com. Thanks!
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