2019 SMCOE STEM Fair Project Registration
Welcome to the registration form for the 2019 SMCOE STEM Fair! This form is to be completed and submitted by participating students or student teams only—NOT teachers or parents/guardians.

Student teams: please submit ONLY ONE registration form for your team's project. You will be able to submit information for each participating team member within the following registration form.

You will not be able to save your registration form in-progress, so be sure to have ALL of the following information on hand before beginning.

Basic Info:

1. Your grade

2. Your teacher's name

3. Your teacher's email address (personal email address only, NOT school-issued email address. We will be unable to contact your teacher if you provide a school-based email address.)

4. Your school district

5 . Your school

For EACH Participating Team Member:

5. Full name

6. Email address (personal email address only, NOT school-issued email address. You will not receive a response if you provide a school-based email address.)

7. Parent's/guardian's full name

8. Parent's/guardian's email address

Project Info:

9. Your project title

10. Your project category (you must select from one of the following: Behavioral Sciences; Biological Systems; Chemistry; Engineering, Technology & Application of Science; Earth, Space & Environmental Sciences; Materials Science; Math & Software; Physics)

11. The purpose of your study (maximum 500 characters)

12. The methods and materials used in conducting your study (maximum 1200 characters)

13. The results of your study (maximum 1200 characters)

14. The conclusion of your study (maximum 1500 characters)

15. Any help you received from adults (maximum 500 characters)

You may be required to condense or summarize your responses if they do not fit within the prescribed character limits.

NOTE: This is our first year using this new registration form. If you encounter any errors or inaccuracies that prevent you from registering, please let us know right away at zjones@smcoe.org. Thank you!

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