Personal Covenant
As a member of an Extend Global mission outreach, I wholeheartedly commit myself to the following responsibilities:
I will pray through the activities and various aspects of the mission. I am mindful that spiritual preparation is essential and commit to readying myself as a short-term missionary. I also recognize that God wants to work in my life and transform me before, during, and after the mission trip.

I agree to the following fundraising deadlines:

* Non-refundable DEPOSIT OF $100 due with application.

* 50% of the REMAINING BALANCE or cost of airfare (whichever is greater) is DUE 90-120 DAYS prior to departure (team leader will give you the exact deadline).

* Final balance is due 1 MONTH BEFORE DEPARTURE.

I agree to participate fully in this mission endeavor (including all team meetings) and understand that only a death in the family or a medical emergency is an acceptable reason for not fulfilling this commitment. If I must drop off the team for any other reason, I understand that I will be responsible to repay Extend Global for any prepaid expenses, such as airfare or lodging deposit made on my behalf. If I am sent home or must leave the mission field for any reason I assume financial responsibility (medical travel insurance that we purchase on your behalf will cover many medical issues).

I am accountable to the team leader(s). I will respect authority given to my leader(s), abiding by the decisions made by the leader(s). In the event that conflict arises in this area I will make every effort to practice biblical reconciliation with those involved.

I agree not to bring or use illegal drugs, tobacco, vaping products, alcohol, or weapons. I will also refrain from getting tattoos, as well as inappropriate language and joking.

I agree not to hand out money or gifts to individuals we minister to and among, to translators, or to Extend Global partners (both individuals and organizations) unless discussed in advance. In the event that I sense an extraordinary need I will discuss it with the Extend Global leader before taking action and will abide by their decision in such matters.

Recognizing that Extend Global has committed many resources and taken great measures to build and work within effective mission partnerships, I agree now and in the future not to attempt to work with Extend Global partners (including those I meet on the field) to return to the field on my own volition.

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