PLACE TALKS Submission Form — Season 6, 2019/2020
PLACE TALKS is a lecture series about location that takes place at the Prelinger Library in San Francisco. It is a project presented by Nicole Lavelle and Charlie Macquarie, who are Resident Artist and Library Fellow (respectively) at the Prelinger Library.

Bay Area artists, writers, architects, archivists, librarians, (and other curious people) share lectures on place-related topics, illustrated by content from the Prelinger Library's collection.

PLACE TALKS supports the Bay Area creative community by creating a platform for exchange that engages interdisciplinary practices and connects presenters and audience alike through the commonality of place.

For reference, please read the full Proposal Guidelines at this URL:

We're looking forward to reading your proposal!

Proposals are due May 31 at 11:59pm!

Nicole and Charlie and the Selection Committee

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