Consent Violation Form
Please answer the questions below to file a complaint towards any patron that may attend our location.

After completed, you will receive a response as soon as possible to follow up with any questions.

The "Consent Violation Form" process is used to ensure that all those impacted (the accusers as well as the accused) are able to communicate their accusations in a safe and formal manner that allows for all information to be brought forth to Catalyst staff.

We take all consent violations seriously, from every level of violation. We also understand that not every accusation requires the same level of reaction and that it can be based on a case-by-case basis.

What we request in return is all information about a violation, from each victim, as well as any witnesses. We do require at least one first-hand account prior to any suspension being given.

Please understand this does not mean the person will be banned from the location. We will, on the other hand, suspend someone until follow up. If anymore speculation rises, immediate action will be taken to permanently ban or educate with possible return. Again, this is based on the level of violation and the information we are given.

Please, for the safety of the community, do not hold back information from your accounts. This allows us to best serve the community.
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