Permaculture Introduction & Hands On Course with Rico Zook - Assisted by Mohnish Lahir & Zora Thind
Saraya is so happy to be hosting this unique learning experience with Rico Zook - assisted by Mohnish Lahir and Zora Thind- Learning not just how to 'know' but also how to 'do' Permaculture.This one-week workshop is a broad and comprehensive introduction to Permaculture,as well as an introduction to how we learn.
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Thank you for showing your interest in this Course! We will send you the full Course data, schedule and fee options in the next day or two. Do feel free to contact us on or +91-8888926811/8830632884 for any clarifications or faster contact. Seats are limited so please do register soon if you are sure of your interest in this course. The Saraya team !:) Feel free to add comments below
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