Healthcare AI Datathon --- Call for Abstract (Problem Statement)
Submission Deadline: 16th Nov 2020

This form is to allow Healthcare AI Datathon clinical team leaders to submit their Abstract (problem statement). The following are the rules for abstract selection and team forming:

1.All the abstracts will be reviewed by our scientific mentors. Judging based on the novelty and impact of the proposed problem statement, the selected abstracts and teams will be informed by 30th Nov 2020.

2.NOTE: Teams should NOT reuse project problem statements that they have previously published or have been already working on for a long time. Teams are encouraged to propose new problem statements for our datathon.

3.Each team will allow maximum of 10 members. For an effective team, we recommend the team should contain a number of healthcare experts, data engineers familiar with SQL to extract data and data scientists that can build predictive or statistical models.

4.Clinical team leaders can submit their abstract with their own team members, or they are welcome to participate as individual. For individual clinical team leaders, we will do our best to match them with registered data scientists to form their team.

5.Teams can no longer be changed after 6th Dec 2020.
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The abstract is recommended include: objectives/problem statement, impact & significance, and proposed method.
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