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Make Europe Great for All is a nonpartisan campaign dedicated to igniting a transnational dialogue about our shared future. Between risk of disintegration and proposals for reform, Europe today is navigating through murky waters. Regressive policies in terms of democracy and social cohesion strengthen regressive forces. European founding values are threatened by lack of ambitious policies, while nationalist and xenophobic rhetoric strikes back as a boomerang.

Through the Manifesto, but also via various symbolic actions and mobilisations that will take place during the campaign, Make Europe Great for All will look towards bringing the voices of the unheard in the European debate. Although every local struggle is peculiar, recent convergence of civic movements across the continent showed that these local communities are not alone in their fight for democracy, equality and solidarity. This is why the campaign will be disseminated at all levels: local, regional, national and European.

The Manifesto is a starting point. Every individual or organisation signing it commits to its values and to the principles enshrined in it.
You can also support the campaign and actively contribute to it, by organising labelled events, launching initiatives or sharing your stories with us.

For more information, feel free to write us an email (contact[a]civic-forum[dot]eu) or contact us on social media ( & @ForCivicEU).
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