Kinetic Fire 2018 Vendor Application
Hoooooooooooooooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay it's the Kinetic Fire Vendor Application!
This year's event is from Thursday May 17 - Sunday May 20 at Hannon's Camp America.

Vendor applications are due January 31, 2018

Questions? Email with the subject Kinetic Vending.

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The Fine Print (NEW AND EXCITING!!!!)
You may have noticed we're restructuring our vendor fees this year - there *are* no fees. All merchandise donations required to vend at Kinetic Fire, whether backpack or booth, go right back to the community via raffle donations that support our volunteering program.

The biggest change is with tickets: all accepted vendors receive a ticket with acceptance. You're providing a service to the community, and we see you as partners in creating the best Kinetic Fire we can create. We want your energy and efforts to go towards building your products and the community.

-Backpack vendors will receive 1 ticket for their merchandise donation
(everything you're vending should fit in a backpack, not laid out storefront-style on a blanket)

-Booth vendors will receive 1 ticket per 10x10 space
(e.g. a 20 x 10 vendor will get two tickets, a 30 x 10 vendor will get three).

We understand different vendors have different staffing needs. You may request more tickets as needed, we will provide them within reason.

In return for the tickets, we will ask vendors to create between 2 and 5 social media posts (depending on the numbers of tickets allocated) to help promote Kinetic Fire. This builds a larger, energized audience for all of us.

In the vein of encouraging ideas that benefit the community, we'll provide additional tickets for use as social media promotions and giveaways if you bring an idea or project that adds unique value to the community. Let us know the project you want to bring below - if it provides a useful service, acts as inspiration or simply makes Kinetic feel a little extra special we'll give you a promotional ticket or two to use as thanks!

We're going to be looking into a wifi hotspot for vendors. Depending on prices to set this up, this *may* be a shared cost among vendors who are interested.

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If you are requesting more tickets than your standard allotment, let us know why.
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