April 2, 2023
AFC in inviting you to an authentic Seder meal on Sunday, April 2! There is limited seating per session. Reservations are required.

There will be 3 seating options:
  • 10am: in the gym
  • 11:15am: in the Gathering Space / Community Center
Available times are listed below and will remain on form until it is full. Please sign up and let us know how many will be in your party.

Understanding Jesus and the truth behind his purpose, love, life, ministry, and how He fulfilled the promises and law of the Old Testament scriptures is key for us to understand. Jesus lived in a way, that if followed, gives us a beautiful example of living in community with others through actions filled with hope for good, mercy toward others, and a tremendous outpouring of grace towards all who will receive it. That’s who Jesus was when he walked on earth! He embodied true love! In order to better understand the actions of Jesus, we need to as Christians, understand the meaning behind the practice of Passover. 

The Passover or Seder meal is a practice that the Jewish people hold onto that reminds them of how God freed them from slavery. God is a God that desires us to live in freedom, not only in our hearts but in our physical lives as well. Slavery is horrific and God stepped in and freed them and still has the desire to step in and free us. The elements of that passover meal remind people still today that through the blood of the lamb the angel of death passed over those homes who loved God and followed Him and through the blood of Jesus death is not our destiny either. Jesus became that passover lamb and Jesus provides freedom from death and so much more. Each element from that passover/Seder meal represents Jesus in very specific ways, showing us how he fulfills all the promises of the Old Testament and has conquered the grave. 

Come join us for three unique services @ 9 am, 10 am, and 11:15 am on Palm Sunday where we will share in the Passover/Seder meal and reflect on the old meaning as well as the meaning those elements hold in relation to Jesus. Jesus has fulfilled them and is now bringing life and freedom to all who will receive and accept it. So come and understand better how Jesus is the bridge and fulfillment for you today!
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