SMC Retreat Donor's Form
For Retreat Donation Related Matters:
For Meals & other donations please contact:

Ei Ei Kyaw: 9760 9125

Yogi's Registration Application form:

Donor's Information
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Mobile/Fixed Phone: 90070079 (only 8 digits)
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Donation Related
Please indicate the date(s) item(s) that you would like to donate
Note: Items related to Accommodation e.g. Sanghas' Rooms, Sinma Hall are derived from existing Mortgage Loans.
Meal Donations will only be displayed for available dates!
Day1 (Saturday: 18/05/2019)
Day2 (Sunday: 19/05/2019)
Day3 (Monday: 20/05/2019)
Purpose of donation
To be displayed on announcement board: e.g. Birthday, Wedding Anniversary
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If you are a meal Donor please indicate if you would be personally coming over for Danna. *
For meal Donors only!
For meal Donors coming over personally, please indicate total number of people coming over.
e.g. Birthday Donation: Family Member:5 + Friends & Relative: 10 Total:15 [Please communicate earlier if total headcount exceeds 20]
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Please Indicate if any other special request or inquiry that would like to make
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In some cases (not meals) if there are more than one donor for the day, we will transfer the donations to SMC retreat funds. *
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