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My teacher makes class work interesting
My teacher does activities that keep us interested in the class
My teacher is fair with all students
My teacher maintains discipline in the classroom
My teacher is well prepared for class
My teacher gives assignments related to the subjects we are studying
My teacher discusses and summarizes each lesson studied with the class
My teacher makes sure that our discussions focus on the topic of the lesson
My teacher likes it when students ask questions about the subject we are studying
My teacher gives us enough class time to complete our work
My teacher asks questions in class to see if I understand what is being taught
My teacher explains new ideas in a way that is easy to understand
My teacher monitors my work, as I am doing it, to see if I understand the lesson
My teacher is very knowledgeable about the subject she teaches
My teacher has work or other things prepared for me to do if I complete my assignment before class is done
My teacher often uses teacher-made materials and worksheets for me to use
My teacher gives tests and quizes
My teacher returns tests and assignments quickly
My teacher uses a variety of classroom activiites and resouces
My teacher is excited about what she is teaching
My teacher cares about me as a person
My teacher helps me when I ask for help
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What is your favorite part of this class? What do you enjoy doing the most?
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How would you make this class even better?
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