SHS Learning Style Survey
How do you learn? Students please fill out the learning style survey below. At the end of each section of questions, indicate the number of check marks there are for that section.
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Section A
Directions: In each section, check each description that applies to you. Leave the others blank.
If I need to spell a word correctly, I write it down to see if it "looks" right.
I can remember names if I see them written on name tags.
I enjoy reading books and looking at the pictures.
I would prefer to read the directions or look at the illustrations before beginning a project.
To remember what my teacher says in class, it helps me to take notes.
I usually write down all of my assignments to help me remember them.
A good way for me to practice vocabulary words would be to use flashcards.
I like my desk and locker to be organized.
I can sit still to watch TV or work on the computer for a long time.
I understand things better when I read them than when I listen to them.
I like for my parents to make a list of the chores I need to do rather than just tell me.
I can picture things easily in my mind.
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Section B
If I hear someone's name, I remember it easily.
I prefer to listen to a book on audio tape rather than read it.
I can pay attention and remember easily when my teacher reads aloud.
I use jingles and songs to help me memorize things.
If I were lost, I would stop and ask someone for directions rather than look at a map.
In reading, I can best remember a story if we have a class discussion about it.
I remember songs after hearing them only a couple of times.
I often read and study by repeating information aloud to myself.
I am distracted by background noise (like pencil tapping) when I am taking a test.
I like to study for tests by having someone quiz me aloud.
I like to talk and listen.
I work math story problems by talking through them aloud.
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Section C
It is hard for me to pay attention when I must sit still for a whole class period.
I enjoy sports and being active.
I count on my fingers or with other objects when I do math problems.
My favorite classes are those where I can move around a lot.
I would almost always choose to play outside rather than sit inside and read a book or listen to tapes.
I have a hard time staying neat and organized.
I am good at skills that require precise movements like walking on a balance beam, serving a volleyball or playing ping-pong.
I prefer to learn a new activity by being shown how to do it rather than reading about it or listening to a tape about it.
I would like to act out stories rather than talk about them.
I have a good sense of balance and rhythm.
I can learn new dance steps or athletic skills after only trying them a few times.
I would like to study my multiplication tables by saying them in rhythm while I jumped rope.
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Results: Review the totals for sections A, B, C. Select the section where you had the most check marks.
A. If your highest total is in section A, you are likely a VISUAL learner. You remember best by using your eyes.

B. If your highest total is in section B, you are likely a AUDITORY learner. You remember best by using your ears.

C. If your highest total is in section C, you are likely a KINESTHETIC learner. You need movement or activity while you study to remember best.

What is your dominant learning style? *
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