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Hello there! I am very pleased to have you inquire about my professional Painting & Decorating Services. I am proudly Red Deer's first choice for interior re-paints. With my extensive portfolio of homes painted beautiful, I cannot wait to meet you and discuss your painting project needs.

Due to a high demand of my Professional Painting & Decorating Service, I require that this application form be filled out by all new clients. Please fill out, with as much detail as possible, as this assessment will determine whether I will be able to meet the needs you have as a client. My Exclusive service is limited and I ask for patience during the process of assessment. After you fill out this application form, I will contact you to go over details and availability for an on-site Estimate. Since my work, client list, and services are very particular in nature, I reserve the right to decline work from any applicants for any reason.

If you have any questions in regards to the client application process please e-mail Applications are processed within 5 business days. Estimates are available every Saturday between 11AM - 4PM (No exceptions).

Please Note: My service typically will book out 60 days in advance during off season, and 90 days in advance during busy season. I ask kindly that anyone wishing to have work done with me, to plan months ahead, as sometimes I have a waiting period of up to 4 weeks to have an estimate performed on your project.

I am so very thankful to be busy, however I do apologize in advance for any and all inconvenience that this may cause to clients looking to have work done short notice. Regardless, on occasion I am able to fit in small projects here and there, so please fill out my form and I will let you know my availability.

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