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Here's what we need:
***Caveat exclusively produces shows with an informative or academic theme/angle. Check out the events page of the website for examples. Show pitches without this will not be considered.***

If you're pitching a show, let us know:

--The show idea
--How does this fit with Caveat's mission to stage intelligent nightlife? In particular, we're looking for events that blend academics with stage performance. What's the academic angle? What's the performance? (For comedy in particular please note we get many pitches with no academic angle. We almost always pass on those.)
--Have you done it before? If so, where?
--What's the expected audience?
--Are you looking for an early (7:00pm start time) or late (9:30pm) slot? (We also have a few Saturday 4pm slots.)

IMPORTANT: We're currently only booking shows that have had previous performances. If you have an existing show you think would fit, please let us know! All our new shows are being developed in-house. If you'd like to be involved with our original programing as a producer, talent, or otherwise, let us know. You can, and should, also attend our weekly open mic, Scratch Paper, Sundays at 4pm. One of the production staff is at each of those, and can chat about how our programs work.

If you'd like to be a guest or speaker on a program:

--What do you want to talk about?
--Are you involved with that topic professionally?
--Do you have any performance background or experience speaking publicly?
--Which shows are you interested in being on? (Please note, many events at Caveat are produced by outside groups. We're happy to pass on names, but they will have their own processes.)

If you'd like to do something else:

--Yay! What is it?

Are you looking to?
What do you want to do?
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