Vendor Application (Dealers only, not artists)
* Vendors agree to all policies at and understand that these policies may be updated from time to time and such updates will be enforceable and agreed to
* No individual may sell anything without a dealer or artist badge
* Access outside of our posted setup and open hours will not be allowed
* Space rental fees are subject to our refund policies, may be subject to fees, and may not be refundable beyond a certain date as specified in policies at
* Vendors must occupy, such as by having merchandise set up or by having staff present, their exhibitor spaces at least 2 hours prior to the public opening of our exhibit spaces, or we can reassign and cancel their spaces without refund
* The convention has no responsibility to list the vendor in our programs, news releases, or other materials, and vendors irrevocably grant us the right to use vendor's name, logo, or product descriptions in any media
* Vendors may not sublet space without permission from the convention
* Vendors are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, licenses, and documentation required by law, the convention center, or the city, and to have such available for inspection at any time during the convention
* Vendors shall be responsible for collecting and properly remitting state sales tax for any items sold at the convention. Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold the convention harmless in any action arising from Vendor's failure to do so
* Vendor is responsible for arranging and paying for all transfer and storage fees, labor fees or equipment fees necessary to set up their displays, and any other fees required by the convention center
* Vendors may not sell any sort of unlicensed or questionable material at our convention, and may be subject to immediate ejection without refund or warning for doing so
* Vendors agree that any weapons will not be sold to persons under 18, and that they will inform purchasers to return such material to their vehicles or rooms
* Vendors agree that the convention may at any time deem any material or products unsuitable for sale, and must remove them upon request
* Vendor agrees to hold harmless the convention and its representatives harmless in case of theft during business hours and after hours
* Vendor agrees to indemnify, be responsible for, and hold the convention and its representatives harmless from any and all claims of any nature, losses, damages, costs, expenses, personal injury, death, and/or any other claims arising from or related to any act or omission by the Vendor or his/her property or representatives
I agree that I am authorized to represent the company below and to bind it to these policies. I and the specified company agree to all vendor policies. *
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Describe in detail ALL products or merchandise that you sell. *
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How many 10x10 spaces will you pay for if accepted? *
I understand that Anime Midwest will use the Rosemont Convention Center, and that I will need to comply with the convention center's labor, shipping, and sales policies. *
Things like electricity, extra chairs, extra tables, all have a charge from the convention center. Exhibitor packet will be released soon.
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