During the training, participants will learn about ordering and distributing materials, setting up testing schedules, monitoring test administrator certifications, and many other details. In the afternoon training, test administrators explore how the WIDA Standards and Assessment System is connected to the ACCESS for ELLs Online. Participants will learn to administer the online test to students and be able to access sample items and the WIDA Assessment Management System.

WIDA Presenter: Lori Hanna
WDE Facilitator: Antoinette Hallam, EL & Foreign Language Consultant
Date: January 14, 2019
The location of the workshop: Basement of the Hathaway Building at 2300 Capitol Ave
located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Time: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Audience: District Test Coordinators, Building EL Coordinators, Test Administrators/Coordinators, Principals & anyone interested

-Participants will be able to:
-Describe the training requirements and preparation
-Identify the purpose of the WIDA Accessibility and Accommodations Framework
-Explain the technology basics for ACCESS for ELLs
-Describe the administrative functions of test coordination in WIDA AMS
-Explain scheduling, test administration monitoring and materials management
-Discuss the features of each of the different ACCESS for ELLs suite of assessments
-Identify the different aspects of paper test administration such as:
-Understand domain test details
-Explain the procedure for scoring the speaking test

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