2017 Wauseon Homecoming Jr./Teen Pageant
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Rules & Information
1. There is NO entry fee

2. It will be hosted on the South Stage at 2pm on July 29th, 2017

3. It will be broken into two groups depending on the ages and amount of the contestants that apply

4. One girl will be crowned Jr. Princess with two runner ups and one girl will be crowned Teen Princess with two runner ups

5. Each girl will need to wear a nice summer dress (no formals please)

6. Light/natural makeup is allowed with hair done

7. Talent portion: you’re allowed a different outfit that is tasteful (NO booty shorts or crop tops please)

8. All girls meet at the South Stage (Bank) by 1:00-1:15 to get ready

9. All girls ride in the Parade: starts at 11am the 29th , meet at the float at 10:15am in a sundress or dressy clothing

10. This is for FUN and to encourage girls to continue to the Queen Pageant

11. Good sportsmanship is expected and everyone should cheer each other on!

12. NO parent will blame anyone involved with the Homecoming or Pageant for their child not winning

13. Let’s make this a fun year!! (:

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