Visceral Class & Yearly Follow Up Barcelona 2018
When: Visceral Class (M6) Sept. 27th, 28th, 29th || YFUB: Sept.30th, Oct 1st
Where: Gran Vía de Carles III, 64 - Barcelona - Spain
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Dan Bensky: Visceral Class (M6)
This class is not sequential. If you have completed the core training, your welcome to attend!!

One of the most fascinating and useful results of the Engaging Vitality approach is the clear, palpatory realization that the yin and yang organs described in our core texts are clearly connected to the actual physical organs. These connections are palpable and extremely useful in clinic.

In this three-day class we will go over the living anatomy of the most important viscera, learn palpatory techniques to listen to them, and go over some ways to integrate this information into the practice of TEAM. This next step in Engaging Vitality, will aid in gaining a more complete and less abstract understanding of TEAM and its applications. It will have a significant positive impact on your practice.

Chip Chace: Yearly Follow Up Barcelona
This class is not sequential. If you have completed the core training, your welcome to attend!!

If you train with Engaging Vitality, you'll have the opportunity to get continuous education on a regular basis. You'll have a place to turn to on a yearly basis, a unique opportunity to continue a training throughout the years and get feedback from one of the main developers, Chip Chace.
...Engaging Vitality training is not just a 3 module series, plus a bunch of seminars, it's a space to grow a way to engage, a space where you'll have support and feedback to develop the best of you, if you want to.

Registration - details -
This autumm you have a unique opportunniy in Barcelona: 2 Engaging Vitality non sequential intermediate/advanced level classes one after the other!!
You can sign up for each one of the separately or have an intensive 5 day training with an special discount.
Dan Bensky: Visceral Class (M6): 3 days of training | 495€
Chip Chace: Yearly Follow Up Barcelona (YFUB): 2 days of training | 240€
Pack discount, intensive training: Dan and Chip: 5 days of training | 705€
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