2021/2022 Pledge Form—UUCO
Your pledge is your commitment to make a financial contribution to UUCO in the upcoming fiscal year (July 2021-June 2022).

All UUCO members commit to making an annual contribution of record to support the congregation. Making and completing your annual stewardship pledge is a great way to meet that commitment!

Friends of UUCO are welcome to make annual pledges, too. We welcome pledges at any time, but if received by
April 1st, your pledge can be used to help plan our 2021-2022 budget. (You can also mail in a paper pledge form, included in the stewardship packet mailed to members and friends in March.)

Our goal for this year is $50,000!
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To ensure our records are up to date and accurately reflect your generosity, please complete the
following. NOTE: Pledges can be from individuals or families. If you are pledging on behalf of a family,
please include the name(s) of adults 18 years or older.
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