RCMI Institutional Development Core Summer Institute
The Research Infrastructure Core at Morgan State University will offer its Summer Institute entirely online, so that participants from all over the world can access the essentials of Laboratory Animal Research for Social, Behavioral, and Biomedical Science, without the need to travel. This Summer Institute training will be held from July 21, 2021- July 22, 2021. Introduction to Laboratory Animal Use workshop, Occupational Health and Safety in the Animal Facility, and Laboratory Animal Welfare sessions are offered. The Summer Institute will consist of theoretical presentations on zoom, work on canvas, and independent offline activities.

The Introduction to Laboratory Animal Use workshop will cover several subjects including discussing laboratory animals that are used in research, teaching, and the laboratory animal resources available to the Morgan State Community. In Occupational Health and Safety in the Animal Facility, we will have a hands-on experience where the participants will learn about occupational health and safety in an animal research facility, specific risks and hazards, and minimizing them in laboratory animal use. In the second part, we are going to cover a wide range of information about Laboratory Animal Welfare. We will become familiar with the purpose of an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Morgan State University’s IACUC policies regarding laboratory animal use. We will also explore the components of an IACUC protocol and the procedures for submitting and receiving approval of a protocol. Participants will also learn of resources available for assistance with drafting protocols. All the materials covered in this workshop will be available to attendees.

This series of workshops is for individuals interested in using laboratory animals for research and teaching purposes at Morgan State University. These workshops are especially relevant for faculty, research staff, post-doctoral trainees, and other students in the behavioral and biomedical sciences. Sessions are available for the novice user and the experienced user preparing a protocol for investigations or grant applications. The workshops include asynchronous self-paced activities on Canvas and synchronous hands-on discussion and activities via zoom.

This workshop will cover the basics of using rodents and crustaceans in research and teaching. Through observational methods, participants will receive health and safety training, be introduced to various research and teaching methods, and learn how to access resources and equipment available for use in the Animal Research Facility at Morgan State University. Participants will also learn how to draft an Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC) protocol. The workshop concludes with a virtual facility orientation and tour. With the exception of the documented health care provider medical clearance and an IACUC approved protocol, all other prerequisites to begin using the Animal Research Facility at MSU will be met by completing this workshop.

***NOTE: Participants must have access to (1) a laptop with an internet connection, (2) a laptop with audio, and (3) access to zoom and YouTube.

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