Wellbeing Questionnaire
Please take this Wellness Questionnaire (two minutes long, tops) and help us learn more about you so that we may build the foundation for your customised experience with us!!

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Look back over your life and please describe the best you’ve ever felt... What were you doing then and who were you doing it with?
What are your specific health, wellbeing and lifestyle goals?
What are you doing right now to reach these goals?
How long do you realistically think it will take to achieve this goal?
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Have you done yoga before?
What motivated you to sign up with Unwind now?
How often would you like to come to Unwind to work on achieving your goals?
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Everyone has something that has the potential to stop them. What obstacles do you forsee standing in your way?
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In terms of coming to the studio, are you an:
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Do you have aches / pains in any parts of your body? Do you hold tension or stress in any areas? Have any medical conditions or injuries working to heal in our classes?
Just one last question, if you can imagine what your life will look like when you achieve this goal, how will you feel? How will your life change?
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