Hepatitis Elimination Feedback
We need your feedback!

Please complete this short survey to help guide our planning process for Viral Hepatitis Elimination in Hawaii. The options below are based on the initial in-person meeting on July 28. (Even if you already provided feedback, please still complete the survey.) We are requesting feedback by September 15, 2019.

We will be presenting your insights as well as a planning timeline at the next meeting (via Zoom/phone) on Monday, September 30 from 5 - 6 pm. Please save the date!
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MISSION •To empower Hawaii’s ohana to promote liver health and wellness •To raise awareness and increase access for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of liver disease, especially viral hepatitis and related harms •To erase stigma, social inequity, and health disparity surrounding communities affected by liver disease VISION •To create a Hawaii free of hepatitis and other liver disease •To promote liver health by integrating culturally appropriate services within a comprehensive system of care CORE VALUES •Harm Reduction. We practice and support non-punitive and non-judgmental approaches to public health that meet people where they are and celebrate positive change, with the goal of minimizing the harms of actions that lead to adverse social and health outcomes. •Social Justice. We promote health equity and empower individuals with an uncompromising dedication to eliminating the stigmas and systemic injustices impacting the communities we serve and represent through education, advocacy and partnerships. •Intersectionality. We build sustainable relationships with traditional and non-traditional partners that are mutually beneficial, client-centered, and continually growing. We recognize that success in eliminating hepatitis means addressing other related health and social inequities. •Aloha. We carry a deep sense of love for our ohana, and we acknowledge the importance of Native Hawaiian values to our community. We strive to act in a respectful manner that is both culturally appropriate and carries the spirit of aloha.
Scope of Plan *
At the in-person meeting on July 28, the planning group agreed to create a plan that focused on both viral hepatitis B and C. The plan would cover efforts from 2020 to 2030, in alignment with the World Health Organization's Hepatitis Elimination Plan.
Structure of Plan *
At the in-person meeting on July 28, the planning group agreed to create a plan that was user-friendly, relatively short, and provided guidance for strategic directions rather than specific projects.
Priority Areas *
At the in-person meeting on July 28, the planning group identified the following focus areas for Hepatitis Elimination in Hawaii. Please select your top 4 priority areas for the plan.
Priority Partners
Please list important agencies and partners that we should include in the planning process. Invited and suggested partners already include: •Legislative Champions •Tattoo and Nail salons (including tattoo removers) •Health Insurance •Political Champions from the Pacific •Public Schools (e.g. DOE) •Insurance Market place (Kokua) •Laboratories •Police •EMT Medics •Urgent Care Clinics •Mental health Facilities •Dept of Health Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division •Community Leaders of Marginalized Groups •Medical Providers •Harm Reduction (including syringe exchange) •Patients •Industry/Pharmaceutical Companies •Insurance Companies •Community Health Centers •Pharmacies •Epidemiologists •LGBTQ advocates •Homeless Service Providers •University of Hawaii •and more!
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Other Feedback
Let us know anything else that might help with the planning process!
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Our next meeting will be via phone/Zoom on Monday, September 30 from 5:00 - 6:00 pm. Please click below to confirm attendance.
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