Service-Learning & Civic Engagement Conference_Request for Proposals_2019
12th Annual Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Conference (SLCE) | Passion To Action
Saturday, November 16, 2019 | University of Maryland, College Park

Proposals due September 16th, 2019 by 11:55 p.m.


The conference will feature concurrent workshops led by faculty, staff, students, and/or community organization representatives. The conference will also feature a dedicated poster session time. Posters will also remain on display throughout the day. It is our hope that all presenters, will join us for the full day conference.

Potential Workshop Themes:

Passion To Action (Conference Theme):
How does your institution or organization design programs to prepare students who are actively involved in their communities and who have a passion for a particular social issue that they would like to carry with them after graduation? How do you help students translate their passions into sustainable real world action in their personal, profession, and/or civic life?

Community Partnerships:
What are the best practices in “connecting” for community-campus partnerships, and what are we learning? Examples in
this area include the process of initiating and sustaining community-campus partnerships, setting short and long-term goals, and innovative initiatives with community organizations. Presentations should include partner voice.

Social Change Leadership:
How do our campus communities “create” active citizens and promote social change? Examples include campus advocacy efforts, awareness campaigns, student led service initiatives, postgraduate social justice work and careers, and innovative ways to discuss diversity topics such as race, oppression, privilege, and social identity.

Academic Service-Learning:
How is the community and its main issues integrated into the classroom? How do faculty, students, partners, and staff critically “reflect” upon these issues, partnerships, and impacts? Examples include service-learning course design and best practices, faculty development, reflective practice, student success stories, next steps after a service-learning course, community-based research initiatives, living-learning communities, service-learning course assessment and impact.

Civic and Community Engagement:
How are higher education, organizations, and community members working together to respond to large-scale and/or systemic challenges? Proposals should include impact assessment and examine current events, emerging mandates, systemic issues, or evolving student needs that are driving new models of service-learning and civic engagement.

To Apply:

We welcome workshop and poster proposals by students, faculty, staff, and/or community organization representatives. We will give preference to collaboratively presented workshops, especially those that engage students.

Proposals will be scored, and selected using the following criteria:

- Applicability to the conference workshop themes (listed above): The workshop content offers a significant contribution to the purpose of the conference and can clearly fit into a conference theme.

- Nature of the proposed workshop: The workshop format is dynamic and engages the audience through participation and discussion.

- Quality of content: The workshop provides the audience with concrete ideas, models, or research that can be applied on their campus and/or community.

- Community Voice: The workshop is collaborative and involves multiple perspectives. We encourage proposals by and with community partners, in addition to those by undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff at area colleges and universities.

- Defined outcomes: The workshop has a clear purpose and learning objectives.

- Measurement: The workshop highlights a measurable project/program and provides samples of how learning outcomes/impact are measured.
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