Outreach Questions
This form was created by the Elliott Bessey President of the Outreach Education Council of the Alberta Teachers Teachers Association. It was designed to allow members to provide information on their Outreach schools/ Online learning/ Remote Learning or anything not in "traditional" Schools.

Data collected will be compiled by the Outreach Education Council to present to OEC Executive Members to help determine how the council shall represent its members and get the current state of Education in the province of Alberta.

If you have any question or concerns please contact Elliott Bessey at oec.ab.president@gmail.com 

Thanks for your time.

Your participation is encouraged but is participation is Voluntary

Email Addresses will not be collected.
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Which Convention board are you part of? *
Which grade/s does your School serve (Check all that apply) *
How many students does your School/Program/Site have registered?
Can you briefly describe how your program currently operates or has operated in the past? Number of Staff? Student Attendance? Hours of operation? Etc..
Are there any changes that have happened your  School/Program in this School year (2020/2021)?
How can the Outreach Education Council of the Alberta Teachers Association help anyone not teaching in a "traditional School model" going forward?
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