School Supply Kit Survey
FOR PARENTS WHO ORDERED A SCHOOL SUPPLY KIT THIS YEAR: In order to improve the School Supply service provided to parents by the LCJSMS PTO, we'd like to ask you a few questions about the supplies you purchased this year for your child. We appreciate your feedback.
What Academic Team is Your Child in This Year?
How would you rate the QUALITY of the school supplies you received in your kit?
Low quality
high quality
Were any class supplies NOT INCLUDED in your kit that you would like included in the future (ex. more notebooks, planner, etc)? Please DO NOT include supplies for language or elective classes. If so, please list them.
Your answer
Were there any EXTRA supplies in your kit that your child ended up not using? If so, please list them.
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How would you rate the convenience of having the Supply Kit delivery service?
not at all convenient
very convenient
Finally, is there anything else you would like the PTO and LCJSMS teachers to know about the supply lists and supplies provided this year?
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