Manitoba Organic Alliance Planning 2017
This survey is being circulated to the membership at the Annual General Meeting and online for those not able to attend. Information gathered will assist MOA in setting the course of the organization for the next three to five years. Thank you for your input!
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Do you support the MOA setting the following primary goal for the next three – five years. GOAL: Increase market reach of organics in the province and internationally
Generally, we see this primary goal as being accomplished through the following three approaches: 1) improving quality and yield consistency- for example, through agronomic extension; 2) decreasing barriers to market- for example, by making gains in marketing, processing, transportation, and; 3) proactively increasing demand- for example, through branding projects and international outreach. To what extent do you support this direction? What would you add or take away from this effort? What would you prioritize?
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To reach this goal, we need to increase involvement in the organization. One option is to set up working groups to work on different sectors and issues. Would you be willing to participate or lead a working group on a sector or issue? Which one?
Do you have further comments about this direction, and where you want to be involved?
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More broadly, What are the main issues and opportunities you see facing organics today?
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MOA lobbies the provincial government on your behalf. What ideas would you like us to bring to the Minister?
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The Canadian Agriculture Partnership is the federal provincial agreement to fund programs for agriculture. What programs would assist you?
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Do you have any issues with the Canada Organic Standards? Is it too strong? Too weak? Suggestions?
MOA needs to communicate with our members, and with the public. What types of communications do you prefer? Email newsletter? Articles in a farm paper?, magazines? Website? other?
Do you have other suggestions on increasing MOA’s financial sustainability?
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Please offer any further feedback for the Manitoba Organic Alliance
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