Women Political Training- Bihar 2020 Assembly Elections
NETRI Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization, working to amplifying equal and effective participation of women in political leadership and decision making at every level.

In the context of upcoming Bihar elections in October 2020, we are launching a specially curated online training course for women engaged in politics from Bihar.
The online program is designed for women who are active in politics or who aspire to be engaged in politics. The program will leverage technology to build specific leadership skills among women politicians to become more effective advocates, champions and leaders in their field.
Learn from some top professionals including political analysis, communication specialists, thematic specialists and political leaders. Immerse yourself into a journey that will help you to fine-tune and sharpen your leadership skills and acumen, through self-exploration, experiential learning and inspirational words.
Online Training:
4 weeks- 9 hours.
Starting date- 5th September

Details of the Program:

NETRI Foundation will contact you for an interview after you successfully fill the application. Write to us in case of any query- netrifoundation@gmail.com
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