Rebuild Odisha - what will YOU change?
Dear Volunteers / Experts,

As a historical note, I started to identify non-resident Odia experts who are interested in contributing to "rebuilding Odisha" back in 2016 after my chats with Dr. Sam Pitroda, a well-known figure in India. However, due to a number of reasons Mr. Pitroda could not yet directly leverage the expert resource database we created. Dr. Pitroda and I did hold a few virtual meetings with many of you, the “passionate experts” – to have that exchange of ideas and Q&A. Our goal was to find 100 passionate experts among non-resident Odishans– which is a watermark important to deeply engage with the government with a critical-mass level. The goal was that these experts give inputs for policy and implementation in their area of expertise, provide reviews, and, if passionate enough and have time, will go engage in execution in the state, while Dr. Pitroda and a few other leaders will facilitate the process.

Nonetheless, we continue to build this database ("NRO Resources") with the assumption that we need to ready our volunteering experts for inevitable call-to-action in the future.. to keep us connected for appropriate discourses and groundwork we deem fit.

With this survey and sign-up for the volunteer experts database, we wish to create a platform for us to know each other and network among ourselves better. To that end, please tell us about your passion, expertise, possible time commitment (no matter how small or large), and how you would like to join, lead and contribute to improving and developing Odisha for the common people -- with innovative, cost-effective use of Technology & Science. The vectors of interest to us include education, health, environment, transportation, agriculture, energy, clean water & sanitation, etc. and their cross play. We are looking for scores, if not hundreds, of volunteers and enablers. Even if you don't have volunteer time at this moment, tell us about your professional expertise & aspirations (so we can have a strong network).

N.B. Feel free to share where your deep interest lies even if you immediately don't have a concrete plan/idea. You are encouraged to share the survey link with other passionate volunteers and domain experts. A couple of you wanted to know more about me to increase your confidence --so, here you go:
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