City of Brisbane Building Efficiency Program – Stakeholder Survey 1: Benchmarking
The City of Brisbane is developing an ordinance to address energy and water use in existing commercial buildings to help make them more efficient, thereby saving owners money, improving the safety and comfort of our building stock, and reducing emissions that are driving climate change. The ordinance would require commercial building owners to benchmark their building--that is, report on the basic building characteristics and its annual energy and water use--and for some buildings to periodically perform building audits or re-tuning to identify opportunities for retrofits and ensure systems are performing as intended.

Your opinion as a key stakeholder is highly valuable in the development of the ordinance. This survey focuses on the benchmarking aspects of the ordinance development and should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. A separate opportunity for feedback will be provided to discuss the audit portion and other relevant components of the ordinance.

Please select all representations that apply to you. *
Frequency - The vast majority of ordinances require annual benchmarking and reporting. *
Would it make sense to align with the Statewide Benchmarking Ordinance (AB 802) and require annual benchmarking and reporting? (select one)
Tools Available - All ordinances in the U.S. use the EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for benchmarking, including the Statewide Benchmarking Ordinance.
Should this ordinance specify Portfolio Manager? (select one)
Time-frame - How long between the launch of the ordinance and the deadline for reporting would be ideal? (select one) *
Supporting Materials - What supporting materials would be most helpful for benchmarking compliance? (select one or more) *
Gathering data - What do you foresee as the most difficult part of benchmarking? *
Gathering energy consumption data about the building
Gathering square footage, year built and other characteristics about the building
Gathering water consumption data about the building
Doing the data collection
Entering data in the online benchmarking tool
Finding outside help to benchmark the building
Disclosing information - What exceptions would you recommend be in place to give owners reporting alternatives if they wish not to disclose their data for the ordinance? (select one or more) *
How to use the information - After you benchmark your building, what would help most to interpret the data? (select one or more) *
Recognition opportunities - What are some ways the City can provide recognition to building owners? *
Would it be helpful and beneficial to have all city owned buildings comply with the ordinance ahead of a reporting deadline? *
What questions, concerns or suggestions do you have about benchmarking and/or the City’s ordinance development process?
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