Training: Certification for Family Group Conference Co-ordinator
The Certification Programme trains FGC Co-ordinators according to international agreed standards who will work either at NGOs or at government agencies in the sector of children, youth and family services. The Training was developed through the shared effort of 3 universities and 5 German government children, youth and family offices. It emphasises practical training that is built on a good theoretical foundation. FGC is seen as a systemic method according to the Lifeworld Model of Social Work.

The Certification Programme combines theoretical input with practical exercises and sets clear learning outcomes that enable new and existing co-ordinators to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of child welfare FGCs as a principle-driven practice.

This is a training programme that equips participants with the know-how and values to successfully coordinate Family Group Conferences.

Upon successful completion, candidates will be awarded a Certificate from Potsdam University for Applied Sciences.

Prerequisites for completion include:
* Attendance during the whole course
* Each participant to coordinate 2 FGCs and to write a report for each

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