Impact Survey for Parents
As schools have closed due to COVID-19, we understand there is an urgent need from families to help support their learners at home. By participating in this survey, you can help shape the direction of services and programs available in the future.

We want to hear from parents and teens about their needs right now. Our goal is to get young people engaged in positive learner-centered experiences, stimulating their minds and creativity.

Learn more about Lark Academy, our philosophy, and why we are taking this on visit us here:
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Do you already have an educational plan for your learners in response to the closures? (Select all the apply)
What are your top concerns as a parent right now? (Select all that apply)
Where does education rank on your hierarchy of concerns right now?
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Would your family be able to afford alternative education options at this time?
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Anything you want to share about how school closures or the current health crisis are affecting you or your family?
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Lark Academy is transitioning from creating a single learner-centered high school, to creating a whole learner-centered network. This is about stimulating curiosity, exercising critical thinking, building community, sparking interest, and furthering skills and knowledge across the board.
Thank you for your time, we know it is valuable
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