TIPS Free Foster Parent Classes
January 16 - March 6
5:30 PM - Dinner
6:15 PM - Child Check-In
6:30 - 8:00 PM - Classes

This Winter, Every Child Lane County is partnering with CAFA's True Insight Parenting Strategies in order to provide training and resources for foster parents throughout in Lane County.

The eight weeks of insights are specifically geared for the foster parent community. And the best part is, these classes are FREE, with the offer of dinner and childcare as well! (See the notes in the form section below).

Not only will these classes serve to equip you as foster parents, but we hope also, they will create an environment where you can connect with other families who are also on the Foster Parent journey.

If you have any questions or changes in registration, please email us at:

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Please note that the TIPS classes teaching will be happening at the Eugene Location, and all four rural location will be hosted with a live webcast from the Eugene location. This was done intentionally for the convenience of those who live in more rural areas of Lane County to be connected, and to connect with other families in your direct community, while still experiencing the teachings live, and being able to ask questions with live feedback.
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All locations will meet on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:00 PM (The Cottage Grove location is no longer available and we encourage you to join the Creswell location). Note: As of Tuesday, Jan 15th, the Eugene/Springfield location is full. If an adult wants to attend without children (childcare and dinner is at max capacity), please email to register. Other locations are still available. Thank You!
The hosting churches are providing free childcare for the parenting classes. The activities for the children will be with their regularly planned programs. We want you to know that these programs do have a faith based curriculum and message. We wanted to be sure we communicated this opportunity clearly.
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Dinner Registrations
Dinner or food of some sort will be provided at all locations for those registered, because we know coming on a week night after work is not easy -- we wanted to make the dinner part a little easier for you. Thank you for registering so we can be prepared!
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