Survey for Artists
This survey is intended to understand the resources, activities, and challenges of creative entrepreneurs, and to gauge their interest in arts business consulting services. Please visit my blog at to learn more about me and my plans to help artists in our community.
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Please describe the kind of art you make.
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Do you consider your art creation activities a hobby or a business?
Do you have a full or part time job outside of your art career?
Where do you show your work?
Are you involved with any artist groups, either online or in-person? Who?
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What are you good at in your creative business? (Your Super Power)
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What is the most difficult aspect of your creative business? (Your Kryptonite)
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Do you need help with the business aspect of being an artist?
What are the top three things you feel you need help with in order to sell and/or exhibit more of your artwork?
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Who do you ask for help with your creative business? Is this an adequate solution for your arts business needs?
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Would you be interested in joining an online group aimed at building your creative business?
Would you be interested in local workshops that focus on building your creative business?
Would you be interesting in hiring an arts business consultant to personally help you with building your creative business based on your strengths and weaknesses?
If given a choice, would you prefer to learn online, in person at a workshop, or one on one with a mentor?
What would you be willing to pay for each of these services?
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How do you learn about local art events?
Do you have an interest in teaching art classes specific to your skill set?
How successful do you feel the local arts organizations are at meeting the needs of aspiring visual artists? Please explain any needs in this area that are not met by local arts organizations.
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