Sanfoundry Campus Ambassador
Sanfoundry's Campus Ambassador program allows a student to develop and/or sharpen their leadership and management skills as well as transform themselves into a much better individual.

Job & Responsibilities:
1. Conduct multiple certification test events on technical topics (10 mini events).
2. Interact with faculty and students from various departments and share the usefulness of Sanfoundry content.
3. Promote technical internship opportunities at Sanfoundry.

1. The selected candidate will be spending 4-8 hours / week towards our internship program.
2. Obviously, during exams, there won't be any internship activities.
3. Approximate duration to complete the assigned tasks will be anywhere between 1 to 3 months depending on the academic schedule of your college and speed of your execution.

Apply only if you are seriously interested.

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We are looking for people who are passionate about developing leadership and management skills. After completion of the internship, you will be awarded an Internship Certificate and cash reward of 2500 INR. Agree?
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One must have a good written communication skill. You should score either A*/A/B/C grade in this test to be eligible for our internship. If you scored D grade, you can try the test once again. Kindly take the test at and enter your grade and score below.
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