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Frequently Asked Questions listed below.
After careful consideration, classes will no longer be offered after the scheduled Sissy Class with MizMayhem.
For various sexual education in the state of Michigan, join groups such as the BOE on Fetlife, Jett's Arcade on Facebook, and other various kink-friendly social groups that meet and offer classes monthly!~ (FetLife is best)
Call, stop by, or register on Eventbrite for class!
In order to guarantee a class, it's best to pre-register so that we can notify the instructors how many are coming! Our guest instructors travel 2-8 hours just to teach you~ If no one registers in advance, a class is far more likely to cancel rather than having them drive out for no one :(

Responses to this form are strictly to be notified of dates and costs.
Just want info? Here's what the current classes are about:
Sensuality & Toy Training:
-New ways to use toys
-Safety & Sanitation
-Accepting Exploration
-Voicing Desires

Dates for this Subject:
(8/14) MxFae's Sensuality & Toy Training: $20-$40

Sissified for You
-What is Feminization?
-Sissy Princess vs Sissy Maid
-Chastity, Heels & Skirts
-Cock Cage Safety & Sanitation

Dates for this Subject:
(8/20) MizMayhem's Sissified for You: $20-$99

When are these classes?
Class schedules are to be determined for the year by the instructors and announced as they are scheduled!

Every class schedule Monday-Saturday will be at 7pm.

(8/14) MxFae's Sensuality & Toy Training: $20-$50
(8/20) MizMayhem's Sissified for You: $20-$99
Where are these being held?
All classes will be held at Janet's Closet/Janet's Dungeon store location. You will have time to shop around and mingle before and after each class.
Is there a cost? Who's teaching us?
Yes! These classes are taught by an experienced individual or pair, and professional.
There will be a deposit required WHEN CLASSES ARE SCHEDULED to validate your seat reservation.

Prices will be posted per class, per instructor,
Find mini-bios on your instructors below! Can't find a listed instructor? Hold tight, we're working to update that information~

(8/14) MxFae's Sensuality & Toy Training: $20-$50
(8/20) MizMayhem's Sissified for You: $20-$99
Interested in being an Instructor?
Have any experience teaching any of the named subject or even something new?
Send us an email at with what you teach or would like to teach. We do have an application.
Where or How do I register for a class date already announced?
Over the phone, In-store, OR we now have registration available on Eventbrite

(8/14) MxFae's Sensuality & Toy Training: $20-$40
(8/20) MizMayhem's Sissified for You: $20-$99
What are the perks of YOUR class?
-Each class will have an optional unique gift related to the subject matter discussed
*Must opt for "With Gift" when registering for class
-A predetermined discount for shopping after sitting through each class.
Check desired class(es): *
Any questions for us?
Your answer
Upcoming Dates!

(8/14) MxFae's Sensuality & Toy Training: $20-$50
Register here: or Call/Stop by

(8/20) MizMayhem's Sissified for You: $20-$99
Register here: or Call/Stop by
MizMayhem ; Grand Rapids, MI
MizMayhem has been an instructor with the community BOE (fetish Board of Education) and pro dominatrix recognized by many. She has also written and worked with Detroit's Friction Magazine on their fetish column prior, especially on submission education.

"Miz Mayhem has the rare qualities that make for a dynamic and dedicated educator who derives her own reward from the act of teaching."
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