Brainchild Festival 2018 Performers' Submissions Form 🐋
Thank you for wanting to get involved with our 2018 festival - we love hearing your ideas, suggestions and discovering new artists through you all getting in touch. Whatever you'd like to bring to the festival, please fill out all the questions in this form, as it will help us see whether we've got the appropriate spaces for your art or ideas.

Deadline for submissions is the 2nd March.

We will endeavour to reply to you regularly, however please bear in mind that we receive a large number of submissions each year, and also are volunteering so make time for this outside of other work commitments. All submissions will be responded to no later than 1 week after the submissions deadline (2nd March 2018).

**Please also note that to submit an art installation, you need to fill out a different form, which can be found here:

Your Name
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Your email address
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Which part of the programme are you getting in touch about?
Please note, if you are wanting to submit an idea for an art installation, then you need to fill out a different form (art installation proposal form is here:
Have you been to a Brainchild Festival or event before?
Don't worry if you haven't - it won't affect the submission, we're just keen to learn more about the people who come to our festivals/events!
Your Stage / Band / Show / Company Name
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Tell us a bit about who you are and what you'd like to do at Brainchild this year
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Why would you like to bring your project to Brainchild?
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Are you interested in working with other artists over the weekend?
This could be in a number of different ways, e.g. improvisation, adding something new to your work through collaboration or through a commission.
Would you be interested in staying at the festival for 1-2 days, if not, the whole weekend?
Your answer
Links to your work
If you are applying to play live music, please try to include video/sound footage of a live show (no worries if you can't though!). If you're submitting for a performance/theatre piece, please try to include a video clip, script extract or review where possible - anything that could give us a clear sense of your idea.
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If you have any upcoming shows, please include links and information here.
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Please let us know if there's anything else that you'd really like to mention.
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Thank you for being in touch! We'll check these regularly and get back to you as soon we can to discuss your ideas. Big love, the Brainchild programming team. 🐙
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