Commission Form - Karen Kliethermes
Interested in having your pet, loved one, or unique vision put to paper/canvas? Well, you have come to the right place! This form will provide me all of the information I will need from you for me to create your masterpiece! :)
In addition to this form, I will also need at least decent images of the pet(s)/human(s)/subject(s) for me to reference, which you can email to:
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Your Mailing Address (only necessary if shipping artwork to you)
What is Karen creating for you? *
What are the name(s) of the loved one(s) you are wanting to be portrayed in this portrait?
Which price selection would you like to make for your drawing? ("Figures" refers to the number of faces you want drawn in your portrait) *
How many figures/animals/faces/loved ones do you want in your portrait? *
What paper color would you like? (Think about what would make your subject pop!) *
Do you want your commission to be black and white or in color? (For human figures, Karen thinks black & white is best) *
Are you actually wanting an acrylic painting and not a drawing? If so, please specify what size canvas you would like, and Karen will write you back with a final quote. Keep in mind that paintings will cost more because it takes more time for Karen to render it!
What date would you like your commission completed? (The requested time must be at least three weeks after this form is completed and first payment received)
Do you have any special requests or notes about your commission? Anything Karen should know? Anything you want included or excluded from the reference photo(s) when Karen draws the portrait? Or accentuated/dimmed out? Would you like shipping through UPS (more expensive but with better insurance and delivery timing) instead of USPS? Are you interested in potentially ordering any fine art prints to share with family/friends after the commission is completed?
How would you like to receive your commission? *
If you want a drawing and want it shipped to you, would you like it to be shipped via UPS (instead of USPS) for an extra fee of $20? This option offers more coverage if package is damaged or misplaced. 
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Karen will require at least a 50% down payment of the agreed price to start the commission, and will accept the second payment after she sends you a photo of the completed piece. Would you like to pay two separate payments, or would you prefer to pay the piece in full now? *
What is your preferred method of payment? (Keep in mind that handed cash/check will work for second payments if meeting Karen in person for the final exchange) *
Do you require invoice(s)/receipt(s) of your payments made to Karen, say, for tax purposes?
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Please read the text in the image below, and check the box below to show that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms. *
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