24th Vienna Donaucup
Please register using the form below by March 6th, 2020 latest. Any entry submitted later will not be accepted.

Please transfer the fee to the bank account mentioned below by March 6th, 2020 at the latest. In the case of no-show fees will not be reimbursed.
IBAN: AT90 6000 0000 0965 3135
- Participation Individual matches only: EUR 29,- per person
- Participation team matches only: EUR 29,- per person
- Full package (individual + team matches): EUR 49,- per person

Minimum age 18 years, 16 years with a written agreement of a legal guardian (has to be shown at the registration desk).

If you have any questions please contact us at info@donaucup.at
Thank you and see you at the event!
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