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Design Questionaire
What would you like to see your landscape and home do for you in the future? *
Examples of possible answers might include 'I would like to produce more food on my property' or 'we would like to save on heating/cooling costs', etc.
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What elements would you like to see incorporated in the design? *
Examples: water storage tanks, cob oven, food forest, herb garden, passive solar greenhouse, etc.
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What do you see as an expected timeline to have the project completed? *
For example: 'over the next month or two', 'by the end of the season', 'over several years'...
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Questions About the Home
How long have you lived at this residence? *
Please describe any problems you may have experienced with your home, if any, in the time you have lived there. *
Flood damage, fire, poor drainage, structural issues, etc.
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