Facility Use & Events Form

This Event FORM is required for ALL on-site Events.

1. CALENDAR: The Lead Coordinator of your event should have checked with reception for calendar date availability and reserved tentative space on the calendar already. (This does not yet solidify or approve the event but simply reserves it.)

2. FORM: This form below must be completed as soon as possible, in advance of the event.

3. VERIFICATION: If you do not hear from Operations soon after completion, please check in with Kayle Vick (k_vick@swchs.org) for verification and approval.

4. CHANGES: If anything changes, you should communicate changes immediately, otherwise this form will be used as the final event setup.

As much as possible, this form is to be treated as a FINALIZED document.

[Any questions, edits or suggestions about this form should be addressed to Kayle Vick | Dir. of Operations]

Lead Event Coordinator & Contact *
This is the person we should be communicating with and who holds the decision making. (They should be aware of the information you are completing.)
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How may we contact you? *
Please show Phone # AND Email for contact
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Event Title *
State the NAME of the event and the committee, company, or sponsorship organization if applicable
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Date of Event *
Recurring Event? *
Is this event recurring on multiple dates? If so, please list the Dates. If setup and tear down is exactly the same, only one form is required. If events are unique times and setup, you will be required to complete this form for each date of the event.
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Calendar Reservation *
(If GYM use, please contact the Athletic Director in advance!) For all other rooms on campus, have you contacted Reception to verify availability?
Location (Rooms or Offsite) *
Select ALL the location(s) requested for this event
Estimated Attendance *
List total guests to plan for
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Fees & Charges *
Will any fees be collected? (NOTE: The Lead Coordinator is generally responsible to collect and verify all fees and to communicate with the Dir. of Finance prior to the event. All monies (cash or checks) are to be counted and notated before processing.)
Fees & Charges
Please indicate specifics around money (if applicable)
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Keynote Guest / Speaker
If a speaker will be present, please note their full NAME and CONTACT info (email + phone) for emergencies
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Setup Time *
List arrival time needed for access and setup
Start Time *
Actual start time of event
End Time *
Desired end of event
Final Wrap Up Time *
Anticipated exit after tear down and clean up
Set-Up and Tear-Down Contact *
Who is your main contact responsible for actual Set-Up and Tear-Down if our facility personnel are not onsite? Note: For weekend sports parties on campus, a Head Coach is required to open/close facility and be present.
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Food and Beverages *
Please indicate what food or beverages you hope to provide (IF applicable)
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Kitchen Meal Prep
If applicable, and onsite meal prep is happening, please describe what you intend to do in the kitchen and what you will need overall.
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Audio-Video Needs *
Please itemize the AV equipment you need SW to setup and indicate any specifics if location is critical (e.g. Wireless Mic? Handheld Mic? In-Ear Mic? Extra speakers? Projector(s)? Screen(s)? Mac vs. PC adapter cords? etc.) If you are providing your own AV equip., please let us know! More thorough the better:) Our tech will contact you directly to clarify any questions they may have.
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Equipment Needs *
Please itemize the equipment you need set out, QUANTITY, and indicate specifics if location is critical (e.g. Round tables? Fold-out tables? Chair types? Decor? Stage down? Podium? other? etc.) More thorough the better:)
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Table Cloths *
Most event users do not require these. If needed, please indicate use. NOTE!! If used, contact must wash and return them within 24 hours (mandatory).
Custodial & Waste *
What do you need as it relates to extra trash bins, recycle, and onsite custodial help?
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Staff Attendance & Expectations
Are you requesting that certain SWCHS staff be present? If so, list the individuals.
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Facility Temperature *
We will default to normal temperature modes unless you tell us otherwise
Other Information *
Please be sure we have all contact info included above. List any and all information not itemized above that will help make this a successful event !
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Changes *
Do you anticipate several changes to this event or can we begin to plan accordingly?
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