2019 Ambassador Team Form
Racine MultiSports is looking for ambassadors and social media influencers to spread the word about the Luray Race Series. Ambassadors will receive a free race entry to either the Luray Swim Fest, Luray Triathlons and Duathlons, or the Luray Half Marathon. We are looking for athletes of all ability levels who like to share their stories on blogs or social media, and are able to encourage others to join us at our races. The application window is April 29th, 2019 through May 15th, 2019.

Ambassador Perks:
Free entry into one Racine MultiSports race
10% off code that can be given to family, friends, and all potential race participants
Free Luray Ambassador Team t-shirt
Free Luray Triathlon Socks

Ambassador Expectations:
Must be willing to promote the Luray Race Series on social media outlets, training groups, and through word of mouth
Must recruit volunteers for races via social media and word of mouth
Must participate in at least one Luray Race Series event
Must volunteer in at least one Luray Race Series event

We will email all applicants on their status by May 15th. Please contact shannon@racinemultisports.com with any questions.

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We expect Ambassadors to represent Racine MultiSports and help drive race registrations. What influence do you have on the running and multisport industry? Explain how your influence can lead to race registrations at the Luray Race Series
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Which Racine MultiSports Events have you participated in?
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Why do you want to be a part of our Luray Race Series Ambassador Team?
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What makes you stand out above others, and why would you be an ideal Luray Race Series Ambassador?
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We rely on volunteers to help execute our events. In what ways can you help us recruit volunteers?
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We expect applicants to understand the strength of social media and it's ability to increase exposure to our events. Please write your profile, username or link to the following social media platforms.
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