The ANU Observer Semester 1 Survey
We've had a huge semester of news reporting and general media business. Now, we want to know how we can better serve the campus community next semester. Give us your thoughts, we promise we'll listen.
Let's start with the basics
How often do you read ANU Observer?
How do you follow Observer's articles and posts?
Overall, how much do you like ANU Observer?
I hate you more than I hate 8am classes
How would I live without you?
Now, let's get specific. What do you think about Observer with regards to:
Accuracy (Do we get it right?)
Fake News
Whatever the opposite of fake news is
Relevance (Do we report on things you care about?)
Why are you writing this?
Literally was just wondering about that
Timeliness (Do we get you information when you need it?)
Soooo slooooow
Wow can you, like, time travel?
Writing quality (Do you find our work easy to read?)
Literally unreadable
You have words, you have the best words.
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