`i come to talk story welcomes you to come talk... Our children should not have to do this alone, if can join in please do, and walk by their side! Or take part here to define a way that works for you and your community's to have global unity! Ex; See Black Alliance for Peace, one of many movements and join in or start yours...
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Humanity has options now, come share!
Come talk, take part fueling all to get one's needs met and offerings shared. Gain harmony, prioritize what is toxic and restore natural `enhanced sustainable communities. Share earth/space in peace and clean it up, creating, as all do one's part, part time. And explore locally and afar.. Share here or where most convenient!

Please note this form is to be used as a fueling tool, for you to make your's for you and your communities, and then come link w/us. Ex; So as a person seeking support/exploring one has focus directed choices, same as a rep for a group, or rep for one's local `plan.. And we will do our best w/Google's Ad Grant to share, fueling others to join into one's local `plan, mindfully leaving no one left behind!

As real local/global issues get collaborated/research supported and resolved.

NOT SURE IF I DOING THIS RIGHT, please continue to work at this w/us and share thoughts so we can cover major bases to fuel each then to further create, making this truly a great tool for all, and do as efficient as possible! For all should respect storage space, and not expect others to do for you, unless you are locally participating. (Easy for me to say that has gobs of stuff everywhere to rid, taking air space, and will once i feel comfortable completing this tool to fuel all, for more serious issues.) So each local `plan covering one's biome(s) are best to sort out one's ecological borders, gather w/students focusing w/one's communities/network and link priorities to have access to.

For each to use as tools for oneself and for one's local `plans, working w/neighbors, as needed in real time, or when want to explore or on the run, homeless. See earth map we studying and welcome reps for local `plans or those starting to think about it, to plot humanity's options now;


`i come to talk story..
Where we welcome all patches of goodness to share w/pockets w/out, as we seek support where needed most..





If want to post a notice without attaching your name for a real priority need not met from another, or for your community, then please add it here. *
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Name and contact information for self, and please stay in real time w/your post or another that is posting for you. Or if being an advocate for another, please add them below your post, in next question. Please note you all can choose to stay anonomous. But remember the more you get to know your community, the more you will be invited to take part or get help or thru word of mouth better known to others as you gain/give support while pursuing your desires. For this exchange is a simple way for all needs to get met and offerings shared. Not as a catalog or merchant, mode. But real needs of those suffering, without basic human comfort in place, to get prioritized high on people’s/community’s, list. So communities are restored to have a place of healing or transition living accomadation, as well low rent/shared cooperativeness, etc. That is comfortable plugging people in from anywhere, as a local mindful participant, whether a short time until the local `plan defines one’s capacity. Then supported elsewhere, and each place t be closer to one’s desires. Getting real needs met and offerings shared as community's local `plans gets restored to it's full `enhanced potential, working with neighbors. Respecting all life, as all people take part, even though a bit of juggling may have to occur due to limited space. I have yet to see such a good project as this, be offered to fuel your thought, be implemented. And it is only fair if limited space to have old timers be respected and have their space, as well next ill and young… But that doesn’t mean they are not willing to share it, for i’ve met many wanting to help, but simply not organized.So we all are in this together, and can share as we all go figure! *
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Another you are posting for, to have your contact info, to get to them?
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Your needs in detail; We have empathy, been there done that, knowing well local involvements sometimes don't jive or feel comfortable. So by communicating afar sharing subject, may help center and ground you to get there. Or it will help you plug in locally, doing as we say, starting or working w/your local `plan there or afar? Which will fuel you to explore more efficiently, locally and afar. Please see all sections before posting. Good Ex; If homeless/running from homeland due to misuse/abuse, or helping trying to build as in the tiny houses. I hope you work w/one's students to orchrestrate contact w/all community including governing officials, sharing schematics accessing, etc.... For the energy put into a house should be for many transforming, nothing permanent. Yet support should stay where needed locally or afar and files tranferred, kept organized, etc. Letting each realize their priorities to oneself, means much more to one's life than a long term house. Especially when you may know best, many in similar issues. So when i look at all the empty buildings, i see potential in changing zoning! Pooling resources, share a kitchen/bath, etc.. And actually buy bulk good food, cheaper and local amonst all, as Ex; In Pacific Northwest/Oregon from AZURE and make it so shipping free as you gather enough people and define a shipping place and put in own recycled containers. This good nutirtion contributes. Good food at low price, goes a lot farther than eating out in restaurants, fast food or small grocery stores, etc. Same w/sharing rent having own bedroom or even shared for some. This way even shared like subject can move in together. And realize support system is more efficient, say pooling people of like subject to give/gain support to learn what needed. Ex; How to prioritize self over others, budget, skilled needs and scheduling, local policies to be changed w/all entities taking part as in one's local `plan. Which is the best to define this list! So all on same page. As well realize all support system should be temporary as you take part interrelating in your local `plan or start it, fueling you to network/explore and obtain your desires.. As people define together whether short or long term support to follow and best where done? As entire biome(s) working w/neighbors are rethought, working within the communities `enhanced ecological sustaining potential. Meaning w/many jobs opening as each reflect and self develop gaining support/giving it, in priority as students use communities as classrooms. And communites get real needs met. Like stop throwing trash, and think about energy from one having to clean it up, we don't need those kinds of jobs. In Charleston, OR going up the hill to CG chicken point has trash all along the way, that is not acceptable, even a horse was thrown on side of road. When yet if look at `Leaven No Trace's experiences City does not have place to dispose of the trash they collected. Rather get to know locals where ever from and prioritize these real needs and offerings to stop this. As your skills, sensitivity shared along the way, can make a difference! As you plug in as a local mindful participant whereever can! In every section here, and let it fuel you to rethink and shift! But not let an ER issue predetermine your move, rather do your homework and prioritize, and by doing your local `plan or even starting it, will help you fefine you. Caring for self first. For only then can you along the way, make a difference in your community, no matter how long you stay, dependent on the local `plans potential, fueling you to reach your desires, knowing the local `plan should be the rule of understanding in every community. To provide healthy working sustaining communities, staying in real time. And as common sense define w/respect your space to shine as an earthling where ever you choose, once each become aware of a local `plan. For it decides best the natural limits of all life and how to respect it.
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Same w/your offerings, as we explain needs above, to share in detail.
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Your community's or other's needs you see that are not being met, or you are willing to do. But remember we suggest defining how things are done by locals (no matter who present) and footprint involved by who, where and the ecological effects in this exchange w/another... Preferably from a local, unless need experienced from afar to come in and train or teleconference w/live video, etc.. And to start a collective process, so all does a little and it adds up, etc.
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Your communities or others offerings to be shared, you see that are not being met, or you are willing to do an exchange w/another to start a collective process, etc. Please remember we do not support any international Trade beyond the living local process, unless it can be proven to be ecologically friendly. For if yet to know, studies show 27 or so large cargo ships per day roll over and dump in the oceans their load. Being a great risk to marine life/mariners/our planet, for much is toxic and need to not be manufactured and recycled very carefull w/good research shared. As well as in E-commerce or repairs much are designed to break vs be repaired. Yet many good people are doing it and sharing how, so do your homework. For it is know how toxic the local community is that works at this, as one's local river is polluted as well where their children play, etc. Apple shame on you for i last heard you have the most international places doing your work leaving such toxicity locally, as well the minerals that are toxic remain and circulate in the air via winds/clouds, coming back around the planet, to us all. *
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