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Please let us know who you are however you feel is appropriate: Name, email, Phone, facebook, website, verification code etc... The more info you give, the easier it is to verify your vote to make it count even more.  
Score Vote
Please score the idea based on how much you like it and want to see others support it. 5=neutral (6 to 9=yes) 6=Abstain 7=willing 8=Supportive  9=I know every being will vote yes too 9 is very rare.
Dislike and Dissent - I hate it
I love it - I know Every being will vote yes
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Monetary Vote (US$)
Please indicate your pledged monetary vote (in US $ dollar value, decimles are fine).  If your pledge is, or includes resources, in-kind donations, or foreign currencies, please estimate the value in todays US $.  Donate Now:  When Donating please remember to indicate which idea you are donating to, you will get a confirmation email either way.
Temporal Vote (Hours per Month)
Please indicate how many hours per month you are willing to pledge to make this idea a reailty.  This can be volunteer time, small stipend, or paid minimum/living wage etc... it is perfectly ok to put 0 as most people are extreamily busy.
Voting Details
Please clairfy a few details to the votes you took above.  Please indicate the type of monetary pledge, or in-kind donations, resource types etc...  This can also include buying the service directly, or buying the product if the idea is a product.  Monetary Donations can be Standard, or Tax-Deductable depending on your interest. You can also fund organizaing against an idea if you really dislike it.  Also please indicate  Volunteer Time, Small Stipend Time, or Being Paid Minimum or Living Wage etc...
Other Questions, Ideas, Comments, Concerns, Issues etc...
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