2020 Summer Lessons at The Sotto Voce Institute
Welcome to the Sotto Voce Institute, where a 'soft voice' inspires learning!

Summer is a terrific time to begin or continue your musical work. The Sotto Voce Institute will be offering 12 weeks of summer lessons, from June 1 - August 27, in the areas of: piano, voice and guitar.

Shanna Steinback - Piano & Voice Instructor Ben Albus - Guitar Instructor

Please complete the form below and submit it by May 29, 2020.

New students are encouraged to begin with (6-10) 30 minute lessons or (5) 60 minute lessons. Summer participation will hold a place for your student in the fall and give you the first opportunity to sign up for fall time slots.
I. Student Information
Please provide the name and lesson information for each student.
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II. Parental (Adult) Information
Please list Parent name(s), email address, cell phone and virtual information.
Parent(s) Names (for minor students only):
Adult Email (for reminders): *
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III. Lesson Dates & Times
Summer Lessons will be offered June 1-August 27. There will not be lessons the week of June 29th.
Piano and Voice lessons are available Monday-Thursday as listed below.
Guitar lessons are available Monday-Thursday, 6-8pm.
Please check all the times you are available for lessons: (due to limited availability, lesson days and times may vary throughout the summer) *
Please check all the weeks you are available for lessons: *
Payment Preference: *
IV. Facebook and Website
Sotto Voce Institute has its own Facebook page and Business Website. This is where students can be featured from recitals. It is a way to share successes and accomplishments of the students and share with family and friends. "Like" the studio at #sottovoceinstitute on Facebook!
I give permission for Sotto Voce to use my photo/video or my child's photo/video on the Sotto Voce Institute Facebook page and/or website. *
V. Note to the Teacher
Please list any additional comments, questions or requests below.
Special Note:
Thank you for choosing the Sotto Voce Institute!
~where a 'soft voice' inspires learning~
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