DigiCulture Online Survey
What is this study?
This study is being undertaken as part of the Erasmus+ DigiCulture project (Improving the Digital Competences and Social Inclusion of Adults in Creative Industries, 2018-2021). The project aims to create a sustainable and efficient education program devoted to providing both very basic and more advanced training in digital skills for adults working at all levels in the creative industries sector. www.digiculture.eu.

What we are asking of you?
Participants in this survey are being asked to answer questions relating to their work experience, experience with online courses and reasons for developing Digital and Transectoral competences. The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.
What we will use it for
The main objective of this DigiCulture Online Survey is to collect and analyze information on digital education and skills for those working in the Creative Industries for educational purposes. The information collected through this survey will help project partners in the creation of a blended learning and online course (MOOC) on ‘Digital Skills and Social Inclusion for Creative Industries and Culture’ which will include the recognition of digital skills through Open Badges for adults.

The findings will be used for drafting a Report, Conceptual Guidelines for Digital Competences for Creative Industries and for scientific articles and publications to be produced by project partners. All scientific publications and research reports will be made available in open format and under the Creative Commons (CC) License on the project website.

The uses to which the survey data will be put adhere to stringent ethical research practices from the partner universities involved in the project, and the privacy of respondents will be respected and protected according to their Data Protection Policies. Your responses will not be linked to your identity or your work activity, although we will request some information on your nationality, company and role in the organisation. If you are a student, your participation in the research will have no effect on your course progress, marks, or DigiCulture project profile. However, DigiCulture project does not take responsibility for the contents or the consequences of your participation in the study.

The Findings of this study may be used for publication purposes by the investigators named here: http://digiculture.eu/team/ and for the Erasmus+ DigiCulture research dissemination. Data collected will be analysed completely anonymously. Data will be stored on a secure, university-networked computer and will be deleted at the end of the DigiCulture project.

Your privacy
This survey is voluntary. You can decide to leave at any point. None of your responses will be recorded unless you confirm a final submission. You may also decide to withdraw after you have submitted and your responses will be discarded and deleted. Results will be available anonymously through the DigiCulture website (www.digiculture.eu), through the Output 1 Report - Conceptual Guidelines for Digital Competences for Creative Industries and for scientific articles and publications produced by project partners within the DigiCulture project.
You can choose to receive a copy of your answers via email, if you include your email address at the end of the survey.

If you have any questions regarding this research, please contact the DigiCulture project Coordinator (Diana Andone: diana.andone@upt.ro).

Once again, thank you so much for your participation!

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