WAITING LIST - हम सब मांय, सब हैं हम मांय |  I Am In All, All Are In Me Exploring Self, Other & the World through Buddhism, Bhakti Music & Art, An Immersive Retreat at Deer Park Institute, Bir, HP, India, 30 April – 7 May, 2023

Don’t we often seek an anchor within ourselves? - An anchor that can take us through each moment of life in wakeful awareness, leading to lasting peace? Isn’t there the wish to fully unravel the qualities of love, compassion and wisdom that are naturally present in our hearts and minds? How can we learn to relax into life – a process in constant flux – so that we are able to face challenges with greater equanimity and ease? How can we deepen our wisdom and skilful means so that the dust of our false dualistic perceptions falls away?

To arrive into our natural state of being is to harmonise our bodies, hearts and minds with the reality as it is, celebrating the radical interdependence of all phenomena – this is the most precious journey one can undertake on which ample support is needed. This experiential retreat will primarily draw on the wisdom traditions of Buddhism and Bhakti music, and is precisely meant to give us that added wind under our wings. We will meditate on the spontaneous songs of enlightenment of saint-poets, and cultivate a deeper awareness practice through various creative means such as singing, chanting, drawing, painting, reading, writing, movement, working with the earth, dancing, playing, as well as doing nothing. By anchoring our awareness in the felt-sense of the body, we will learn to ‘be with’ whatever it is that is present. The invitation is to stay curious and tap into our authentic self, allowing gentle and loving spaciousness around those knots that otherwise block and freeze our energies from being in-the-flow. 


- No prior training or experience is needed in Buddhism or the Bhakti tradition nor does one need to be a singer or an artist in order to participate.

- The retreat will begin at 4pm on Sunday 30th April and end by 4pm on Sunday 7th May, 2023. Participants are expected to be present for the full retreat. 

- While this retreat is offered by dana/donation & accommodation and food are as per actuals, a contribution of INR 1000 is requested to cover the material costs. (If we spend less on the materials, the balance will be refunded to the participants)

- This retreat is limited to 18 participants. Your registration will only get confirmed after advance payment of INR 1000 has been made to Deer Park Institute which will be adjusted against your food, stay or material costs. You will receive a detailed email about this after you submit this form

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– 7:30:          Sukshma Vyayam (subtle body exercises), Somatic Practice                                          (led or self-guided), Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation

7:30 – 9:           Breakfast, Personal Time

9 – 10:30:        Session 1

10:30 – 11:      Refreshment/bio break

11 – 12:30:      Session 2


12:30 – 3:        Lunch, break

3 – 4:30:          Session 3

4:30 – 5:          Refreshment/bio break

5 – 6:30:          Session 4

6:30 – 8:          Dinner, Personal Time

8 – 9:               Screenings / Guest Speakers / Group Discussion / Participant-led                                 Sharing / Self-practice etc.

9 - 10:              Personal Time     

10:                   Lights Out         

Name (First and last) *
What attracts you to participate in this retreat?
What do you hope it will help to fulfil in your life right now?
In order to maintain the integrity of the process, I am willing participate in the full schedule of the retreat.

I understand that some parts of this retreat will be in complete silence and digital gadgets can only be used outside the retreat schedule in one's personal time and away from other participants. I feel comfortable to comply with this.


I understand that this retreat will primarily be conducted in English but Hindi and other regional languages will also be used in the exploration of the songs/poems, and that the facilitators will do their best to provide translations wherever possible.


I understand that all the basic materials for the activities will be provided & I am invited to bring a dedicated diary for the retreat, any musical instruments, drawing/colouring materials of my choice, a yoga mat and a dupatta/scarf/yoga belt.

I feel at ease with co-creating a safe and welcoming space with respect to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). At least to some extent, I am aware of the power differentials along complex intersectional lines of class, caste, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, age etc., and I understand that some people or communities are systemically privileged or disadvantaged. I am open to learning and growing my sensitivity in this area further. [More about DEI -https://www.authenticcommunicationgroup.com/resources/] *
I am in relatively good mental health and understand that this retreat is not a replacement for therapy or psychiatric intervention. *
Anything else you would like to share with us?
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[We'll be creating a Whatsapp group closer to the start of the retreat to share logistics as well as resource materials throughout the retreat. If you don't use this platform then we'll do our best to send you the necessary information by email]
Dipanjali is a multilingual practitioner of Bhakti, Sufi and Hindustani Classical music. She is a Performance Studies research scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. In her study, she interweaves the musical and philosophical pluralities in the many song traditions of bhakti in the Indian subcontinent.

Over time, Dipanjali has found that the words of the bhakti poets help her through emotionally challenging times, making her dive deeper into the journey of self-realisation. Through her meditations on music, she committedly and persistently seeks to deepen the relation with the self and the world at large, and walk alongside other fellow-seekers on the path.
As a teenager, Tejal got involved in the feminist and queer-feminist autonomous movements in India, which sensitised her to issues of social justice and identity politics. She trained and worked as a contemporary visual artist using the mediums of video, photography, sound, performance and installation, exhibiting internationally in museums, galleries and film festivals. Since 2015, she got interested in nondual Buddhist philosophy and practice as a path to inner and outer peace. Since 2021, she is also studying psychotherapy, sensing a need to combine eastern and western approaches to healing for developing healthier relationships steeped in trust, care, love and understanding. Tejal loves poetry and living in harmony with the natural world. It brings her tremendous joy and satisfaction in co-creating a better world by sharing the light of wisdom and compassion so kindly shone to her by her teachers.

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