Thematic Movement Research Laboratory
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic particularly threatens the future of artists, creators and cultural operators, who were already vulnerable, and are now severely impacted both mentally and financially by the enforcement of social distancing measures and the consequent postponements, cancellations or closures of events.

As a response to this situation, Gray Box will focus this year even more on inter-professional solidarity and support artists, dancers and performers as much as possible, for example with a wide range of free of charge trainings, workshops, inter-professional meetings and gatherings.

Come back with us in the studio, join our free Thematic Movement Research Labs, meet other performers, let's play, dance and create together!

Attendees can register independently for our labs.

"IMPOSSIBLE DESIRE" (France) ------- FULL!
6-7 March

"Fear and the Unknown" (France)
8-9 March

11-12 March

"WHO IS THE BOSS?" (Hungary) ------- FULL!
20 March: 10:00-13:00h
21 March: 15:00-20:00h

"CLIMATA" (Hungary) ------- FULL!
27 March: 10:00-13:00h
28 March: 15:00-20:00h

"WHO IS THE BOSS?" (Hungary) ------- FULL!
15 May: 09:00-13:00h
16 May: 15:30-20:00h

"The Sacred Ritual" (Hungary) ------- FULL!
22 May: 10:00-13:00h
23 May: 15:00-20:00h

"CLIMATA" (Hungary)
30 May: 15:30-20:00h

12 June: 10:00-13:00h + 14:00-17:00
13 June: 10:00-13:00h + 14:00-17:00

More information about the program:
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