Sexton SAT Workshop (6 hours)
Sexton is offering a six-hour intensive SAT course to prepare your student for the SAT. This four-night workshop is designed to give your student a complete overview of all sections of the SAT. By participating in this course, students will become familiar with SAT strategies and improve their knowledge of the most commonly tested topics. From Vocabulary-in-Context to Punctuation to Exponent Rules, all of the most important topics on the test will be addressed. The skills and tips learned during this intensive workshop will provide a strong foundation for your student’s SAT preparation, whether your student is a newcomer to the SAT or wants a review of the major topics.

This workshop will prepare students (intensive introduction or comprehensive review) for the March 13th SAT exam. The workshop can also be used as a great way to jump start your preparation for a future exam date.

Location: All sessions will be held via Zoom. Participation will require the use of a computer and access to the internet.

February 23
February 25
March 2
March 4


Fee includes books and necessary materials.
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